As one of the best in student and visa counselling, Education Tree Global will help you avoid the pitfalls of student visas. We assist students with all types of visas, with accurate and official information on how to apply; we offer professional counselling support with any queries, and provide complete financial services to help you make the right choice when planning your visa.

We make assurance for a student visa simple and easy . We can handle your visa documents, so you don’t have to worry about the application process. Our visa experts are here to guide and support you through the visa application process.

We are here to help you with everything

You won’t worry about anything from the moment you arrive. We’ll handle everything for you. Our comprehensive consultation covers visa applications, travel insurance, sports cover and health cover when you are here and career advice and opportunities. Our counselling service helps participants settle into their new lives here. You also receive a care package with essentials for your new life – from a check list of things to bring with you to information about our school locations and key contacts.

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The visa documentation experts will discuss your career goals and lifestyle aspirations with you for tailored advice.

Step 1

Our first step is to understand your situation

Our consultation will help determine your best chances of eligibility based on your education, skills, and goals.

Step 2

Begin the application process

Our team will work with you from start to finish as we work out your specific situation. Before we submit your application, we will carefully review it, and we will follow up with the appropriate authorities to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Step 3

You should also strengthen your case

Our experience helps ensure that you stay well positioned for visa compliance as border protection laws change all the time and vary by nationality.

Let us solve your confusion regarding abroad studies!