Scholarships for overseas students can give you the opportunity to pay less for your overseas studies, opening up higher education. Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit or other specified criteria such as financial need or extracurricular talent in music, sport, drama or public service.

Expert help is available to find and apply for scholarships. It’s convenient to get information before you decide on your course of study. We’re here to help you in getting the best education at the right price – and that means financial support as well! We can find you a scholarship that fits your studies and your financial situation.

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Step 1

Searching For a Scholarship?

Each year there are thousands of scholarships available for international students to study abroad. Our Counselors will find the right scholarship for your course, and look forward to helping you secure funding for your overseas studies.

When you speak with our Education Counsellors, be sure to ask them which scholarships might apply to your situation. You’d be surprised at the difference some extra funds or discounted tuition could make. Our partner institutions offer a wide variety of scholarships in the following destinations:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • USA

Step 2

Get the Best Aid for Your Career!

Scholarships are a great investment in your future. The right scholarship can cover tuition, pay for textbooks, help avoid student loans, and even bring money while you’re in school. Scholarships help pay the cost of getting an education—but they have to be applied for before you’re a student. Juggling college applications and finding time to research scholarships can be time-consuming and exhausting. So we also provide scholarships for the students that meet their specific talents, achievements, and skills — all in one place. Whether you’re applying for your first scholarship, or you’re a senior who’s already applied to many and still hasn’t won.

Scholarship search and planning can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve updated the search process to make it faster, easier and more effective. To help you find scholarships others have not even heard of or thought about, we’ve connection with the top universities who offers scholarship opportunities for international students.

Let us solve your confusion regarding abroad studies!