Frequently Asked Questions

QA :1

To apply for scholarships or financial aid as an international student, conduct thorough research and prepare essential documents such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and language proficiency test scores. Follow application instructions, paying attention to deadlines and formatting guidelines. Explore government-sponsored scholarships in both your home country and the host country, and contact the financial aid office of the university for details. Due to the competitive nature of scholarship applications, it is advisable to apply to multiple opportunities and initiate the process well in advance.

QA :2

A gap year before college offers personal growth and development through experiences like travel, volunteer work, and internships. It helps understand personal goals and interests, enhancing practical skills and career insights. However, it may lead to academic momentum loss, financial considerations, and strong self-discipline. The absence of a structured academic setting may require self-discipline to stay focused on long-term goals.

QA :3

Studying abroad provides a rich cultural experience and international networking but can be costlier. Local universities offer familiarity, potential cost savings, and regional networking. The choice depends on personal preferences, financial considerations, and academic/career goals.

QA :4

Yes, absolutely. You may take any type of tests to apply to a college/ university. But it’s better to check which tests these education providers prefer beforehand.

QA :5

Actually visa processing time varies country wise. So, make sure that you plan enough earlier so that you will be able to obtain your visa and travel on time. Sometimes, Immigration Officer may need more time than normal processing time if they have pile of applications or if they need to conduct additional verification of the documents and information provided with your application to ensure that you meet all the requirements to grant you a visa. So, to know the average current visa processing time of a particular country, please contact us so that we can provide you the information.

QA :6

As there are a range of options to choose from, make sure that you consult with our counselors in advance to choose the study destination and course or college/ university that you or your parents can afford without any financial burden. So, decide based on your profile, parents’ financial ability and your study planning so you can live a happy life while studying overseas. You will have to pay for your study according to the country you choose, your education provider, and course