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About Canadian College of Business and Technology

The Canadian College of Business and Technology (CCBT), established in 1986, is a private institution in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Accredited by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario and a member of the Association of Business and Industry, CCBT offers comprehensive diploma and degree programs in Business, IT, and Health. Its hands-on learning approach, individualized attention, and small class sizes ensure a high-quality educational experience. Popular programs include Business Administration, Information Technology, Health, Medical Management, Accounting, and Finance.

Entry Requirements
  1. Undergraduate Programs:
    • Undergraduate programs are the first level of tertiary education. Students pursue a bachelor’s degree, which typically takes three to four years to complete, depending on the country and the specific program. Common degrees include Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Students usually enter these programs after completing their secondary education (high school).
  2. Postgraduate Programs:
    • Postgraduate education comes after completing an undergraduate degree. It includes both master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs. Master’s programs generally take one to two years to complete and provide specialized knowledge in a specific field. Doctoral programs are more research-intensive and can take several years to complete, culminating in a dissertation or thesis.
  3. English Proficiency:
    • English proficiency is often a requirement for non-native English speakers applying to universities or colleges in English-speaking countries. Many institutions require applicants to demonstrate their proficiency through standardized tests. Commonly accepted tests include the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Minimum score requirements can vary by institution and program. Some institutions may also accept other English proficiency tests.
    • For undergraduate programs, students are generally required to meet a certain level of English proficiency as part of the admission criteria. This is to ensure that students can effectively participate in lectures, discussions, and complete coursework in English.
    • Similarly, for postgraduate programs, English proficiency requirements are often a key component of the admissions process. Depending on the program and institution, there may be specific minimum scores or levels of proficiency required.

Campus location


101 Smithe St. British Columbia, V6B 4Z8, Canada

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Monday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm

Available Scholarships

Industrial connection part & work opportunities

Industrial Connection


  • Formal agreements with tech giants, accounting firms, banks, and others.
  • Offer internships, guest lectures, networking events, and resources.

Advisory Boards:

  • Led by industry professionals who guide curriculum development.
  • Ensure programs are relevant to current industry needs and trends.

Industry-Specific Programs:

  • Tailored to specific industry requirements and skills.
  • Examples: Accounting, IT, Hospitality, Healthcare, Marketing, etc.

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL):

  • Experiential learning opportunities like internships, co-ops, and placements.
  • Gain practical experience while still in school.

Job Placement Services:

  • Support for career development and job search.
  • Help students find jobs after graduation.


  • Gain practical experience and industry insights.
  • Build professional networks and contacts.
  • Develop skills and knowledge relevant to your chosen field.
  • Increase your employability and career prospects.
Work Opportunities

Get hands-on experience while studying: CCBST offers co-op and practicum programs that place you in real-world jobs related to your field. This allows you to gain valuable experience, build your network, and test your skills before graduation.

Land your dream job after graduation: CCBST’s dedicated job placement services help you polish your resume and cover letter, practice for interviews, and connect with potential employers. Their high employment rates are a testament to the success of these services.

Flexible schedules for busy lives: Take advantage of day, evening, and weekend classes to fit your studies around your work schedule. This flexibility allows you to pursue both academic and professional goals simultaneously.

Learn from the best: CCBST’s instructors are industry veterans who bring their expertise and experience into the classroom. This ensures you learn the latest skills and knowledge relevant to your chosen field.

Stay ahead of the curve: Continuous learning is key to success. CCBST offers lifetime refresher courses to its graduates, allowing them to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers and remain competitive in evolving industries.

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